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Deskripsi Peggo - YouTube to MP3 Converter

Record MP3s from YouTube or SoundCloud in seconds.

Whether it's a newly released hit, an old classic or some offbeat music, chances are you will find it all on YouTube or SoundCloud. Now, thanks to Peggo, you can download these songs and listen to them anywhere and everywhere.

Heading to a place with no Internet? No problem! Copy and paste the link and get your MP3 ready to go with you in a flash.

There are plenty of features that make Peggo one of the best apps for converting video to audio:

Intuitive and easy: Yes, it is now dead simple to convert your audio track into an MP3. Just add any YouTube or SoundCloud link into Peggo and get the MP3 instantly ready - just like that!
Pick your favourite parts: Love a particular track in the middle of a video? Now you can listen to only the bits you love. Select the start and end from the video clip so you can record a specific part from a long video.
Adjust the audio: Remove odd bits of silence from any video by clicking the 'Remove Silence' button or equalise th e audio track by hitting the 'Normalize' button. No more sudden, abrupt loud sounds - just a perfect, even track from start to finish.
Customise: Organize your music the way you want so you can find all the tracks you want instantly. Change the title of your audio file or add the artist's name to the song.
Search: Discover wonderful videos with a powerful search option and download the tracks.

Ready to build a fantastic audio library? Download Peggo now.

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